Top Frequently Asked Questions

Generally 30-45 days after our letters are sent if changes to your reports happen.
It’s important to understand that improving your credit scores takes time and a commitment to change your 
daily habits and the way you spend money.  The good news is that the sooner you get started the sooner your scores will rise.

Absolutely, credit repair is legal and our credit education and document processing services will help you to use the law in your favor. That law is called “The Fair Credit Reporting Act.” The FCRA gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report. If that item cannot be verified within a reasonable time (usually 30 days) it must be removed. Studies have shown that 79% of all credit reports contain errors. This is nearly 8 out of 10 reports. For items on your report that are disputed a creditor or furnisher is often unable to find the records or signed documents within the allotted time and the item gets removed. Sometimes the bureau will say it has been verified but not offer proof. It is our job to prepare documents that challenge this and we are very good at doing that.

1. Pay your bills on time! One missed payment will lower your score dramatically and undo all the work we
are doing.Stop applying for credit (Each time you do it lowers your scores.)
2. Do not close any accounts (This also lowers your score.)
3. Pay your credit cards down to below 25% or lower of the available credit line. This will make a huge positive
impact on your credit score.
4. Never spend more than 25% of the available credit line, even if you pay the balance off in full each month.
5. Stop applying for credit (Each time you do it lowers your scores.) We will let you know when a good time to apply is
6. Keep your credit monitoring account active throughout the credit repair process, so we can see the
changes to your accounts and scores. 
7. Lastly, We’ll be sending many letters to the bureaus. Be sure to open all of your mail and
forward the replies to us in your portal…by simply taking a photo with your phone and uploading it
to your portal (or attaching to an email).
Items cannot come back as long as the item is current or paid at the time of removal or if the collection is older than three years. In the extremely rare event that it does, let us know asap and we will take care of it.

With our assistance and disputes processing, our clients have had great success with bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, late payments, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans.

800 and Higher (Excellent) With a credit score in this range no lender will ever disapprove your loan
application. Additionally, the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on your credit cards will be the lowest possible.
You’ll be treated as royalty. Achieving this excellent credit rating not only requires financial knowledge and
discipline, but also a good credit history. Generally speaking, to achieve this excellent rating you must also use
a substantial amount of credit on an ongoing monthly basis and always repay it ahead of time.
700 – 799 (Very Good) 27% of the United States population belongs to this credit score range. With this credit
score range, you will enjoy good rates and approved for nearly any type of credit loan or personal loan, whether
unsecured or secured.
680 – 699 (Good) This range is the average credit score. In this range approvals are practically guaranteed but
the interest rates might be marginally higher. If you’re thinking about a long term loan such as a mortgage, try
working to increase your credit score higher than 720 and you will be rewarded for your efforts; your long term
savings will be noticeable.
620 – 679 (OK or Fair) Depending on what kind of loan or credit you are applying for and your credit history, you
might find that the rates you are quoted aren’t best. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be approved but, certain
restrictions will apply to the loan’s terms.
580 – 619 (Poor) With a poor credit rating you can still get an unsecured personal loan and even a mortgage,
but the terms and interest rates won’t be very appealing. You’ll be required to pay more over a longer period of
time because of the high interest rates.
500 – 579 (Bad) With a score in this range you can get a loan but nothing even close to what you expect it to be.
Some people with bad credit apply for loans to consolidate debt in search for a fresh start. However, if you
decide to do that proceed cautiously. With a 500 credit score you need to make sure that you don’t default on
payments or you’ll be making your situation worse and might head towards bankruptcy, which is not what you
499 and Lower (Very Bad) If this is your score range you need serious assistance with how you handle your
credit. You’re making too many credit blunders and they will only get worse if you don’t take positive action. If
you are thinking of a loan (which won’t be easy), the rates will be very high and the terms will be very strict. We
recommend that you fix your credit first before applying for a loan.

Yes there are…you can view prices on the pricing tab.

As a Marine Corps veteran owned company, yes we do give Veteran discounts of 20% off services.

Yes we can, Dave Overholser the owner, is a licensed Realtor in FL and knows the criteria you need to qualify.  If you are local to the Tampa area and are not already working with a Realtor, I can also assist you in buying a home and refunding all your fees that you have paid for your credit repair service, after closing…how’s that for incentive 🙂  If you are outside of the area I have agents in every city and state that I can refer you too also.

You are entitled to a 100% refund on all monthly payments if:

– We do not remove any negatives worked on.

– You have had 120 days (4 consecutive months) from the time that you retain our services.

– You have not used a credit-consulting agency nor attempted to repair your own credit at least 1 year prior to signing up for our services.

– You have had no new collections or missed payments during the time frame we are assisting you

-You have maintained credit monitoring services at all times during the time frame we are assisting you

– You agree & have sent updated reports/responses from the three credit bureaus & creditors to us within 5 days of receipt.You should receive updated credit reports every 35-45 days and make us aware if updated reports have not been received.

Yes I do, although I can’t to real estate agents and mortgage lenders because of laws pertaining to that, but other wise we give $50 per person or $75 for a couple, and that is paid out on their 2nd month of service.

Good question.  First the enrollment fee is paid and then we start working on your reports.  There is no charge for personal information deletions or updates.  Inquiries are $10 each and everything else is $50 each.  A deletion fee is invoiced for the complete deletion of an item. The deletion fees  are per item and per bureau. The deletion of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion. The deletion of any account or public record from all three credit bureaus counts as THREE (3) deletions.

After items have been removed and you have a balance you will get a bill for the full amount but you are not required to pay off the balance in full but you must pay at least $75 a month until paid in full.

Great question.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB.  We understand at the moment you may not have not have a credit card, so we also can accept CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, and even Bitcoin.  If you want to use one of these other methods, just contact us for instructions.